Professional Wiring Techniques For Twinkling Christmas Lights

Light up the night with festive lights that beautifully decorate your home and property. At EMC Lawncare, we are your pros for exterior Christmas light installation in Bucks County and are here throughout the entire year when you need us for all your lawn care needs. Take a look at how we approach our Christmas light installations! 

Plan The Design

Before we do anything, we make a plan. Work with you to decide where your light show will go throughout your property. What areas of your house and front and backyards do you want to showcase? Will they outline the roof, windows, doors, gazebos, decks, walkways, shrubs and trees? Or will you keep it simple with a less-is-more look on your front door? A sketch will help us to visualize the final look. Then, you can purchase the length of the lights and all the other equipment needed for the installation.

Purchase Lights Manufactured for Outdoor Use

You’ll need to purchase lights that are manufactured especially for outside use. You can do this either online or at your local home improvement store. There are many different qualities of lights, so as you shop keep in mind that the least expensive is not always the best way to go, especially for outdoor use. LED lights, for example, are a good choice for their energy efficiency and longer-lasting life. Unlike string lights and twinkle lights of the past, LEDs offer a long list of benefits. Since you are considering twinkle lights, make sure each light strand you bring home has the same color and style as any non-twinkling lights. This will coordinate your plan and overall aesthetic

Practice Safety Precautions To Prevent Fires

It’s important to focus on safety precautions with outdoor lighting. We always use outdoor-rated extension cords and make sure all the light’s electrical connections are located off the ground and protected from water. These precautions are often overlooked and can cause fatal fires and injury.

Install and Secure Lights With Plastic Clips

Instead of damaging nails and staples, we use plastic clips and hooks to attach the light strands to your house. They are not only less damaging, but they are a safer option. We use net lights to decorate your trees and bushes. 

Use Timers To Automatically Turn Lights On and Off

Timers are easy to install and a convenient way to turn lights on and off. Some lights can also be connected to virtual assistants. Simply tell them when you want them to turn on and off. You can go one step further and synchronize a holiday light and music show for added drama and entertainment.

Regularly Check and Review Your Lights

It’s important to keep an eye on your lights and replace bulbs when necessary, check for damaged wires, and watch for damage from wind, snow, and other weather-related issues.

Consult EMC Lawncare For A Professional Installment Today

Add a professional touch to your holiday light display this year. While wiring twinkling lights for your home can be a fun and rewarding project, the experts at EMC Lawncare can handle complex designs that are as beautiful as they are long-lasting and safe. Contact us for all your Bucks County lawn care needs.