Lawn Care Treatments, Fertilization & Weed Control Services in Bucks County

Fertilizing Company in Bucks County

Caring for your lawn is a big job and if you intend to have the best looking grass in the neighborhood you’ll need to care for it the right way.  That means grass fertilization, seeding, weed removal, and topsoil management.  For all these jobs and more including mulching and stump grinding, call EMC Lawncare!

Lawn & Grass Care

We’re a full-service lawn care company that serves Montgomery and Bucks County locations including Doylestown, Perkasie, Warminster, Willow Grove, and surrounding areas.  With our custom program of lawn treatments, you can say goodbye to that spotty lawn forever!

The first step to a thick, full lawn is a program of lawn treatments that includes seeding, fertilizing, weed control, and topsoil management.  Unlike other companies that apply a one size fits all solution to your lawn, EMC Lawncare takes the time to understand your lawn’s specific needs and design the ideal grass care program to help you get the beautiful, green lawn you’ve always wanted.

Bucks County homeowners in Perkasie and Warminster already know we provide the personal touch it takes to keep their lawns looking gorgeous throughout the spring, summer, and all year around.  Give us a call for all your lawn care needs, from seeding and grass fertilization to weed removal and topsoil management so you can do something about that spotty lawn.  We even offer additional landscaping services like mulching and stump grinding!

Weed Control

Is your lawn being choked out by aggressive weeds?  Crab grass, dandelions, and all those other stubborn weeds can be kept in check with a program of lawn treatments that includes grass fertilization and weed control.  With proper grass care, those weeds won’t be able to get a foothold in your yard so your grass can get the nutrients and sunlight it needs to thrive.  That means no more spotty lawn!  In addition to weed removal and control, EMC Lawncare also provides other services like mulching and stump grinding to help you clean up your yard and keep it looking neat and organized throughout the year.

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Seeding & Topsoil

When you’ve got a spotty lawn, it takes more than just grass care and fertilizing to fill in those dead spots.  You’ll need a program of lawn treatments like topsoil management and seeding to ensure those patches of dirt fill in with fresh grass instead of weeds.  EMC Lawncare can seed and lay down topsoil to get rid of that spotty lawn for good, and we also offer services like mulching and stump grinding to take care of your garden areas as well.

For all the lawn treatments you need, call EMC Lawncare today for a free quote!  All it takes is one call to handle all those difficult jobs, including mulching and stump grinding.  We’re located in Hatfield, PA and we serve locations in Bucks County and Montgomery County including Willow Grove.  Find out why so many homeowners in our area trust us to care for their lawns; call (267) 718-5952 for a free estimate today!