How To Repurpose Christmas Lights After The Season

Zealous people everywhere can’t get enough of their Christmas lights and twinkle them for the last time just a few days before New Year’s Day. Then some agree with me and want to take the extra step and recycle these lights by using them as gift wraps or creating a stunningly beautiful light installation.

You can also use other discarded Christmas lights for many other things at home. In turn, you will spare the earth from being polluted by the never-ending disposal of Christmas lights.

Wrap Them In Bakers Twine

If you are the type who loves to wrap gifts, then you can buy some rolls of baker’s twine that are sold in the craft stores. You can use this twine to wrap your Christmas lights, and it will be a great way to give a beautiful look to your Christmas lights. The twirly shapes and soft colors of bakers twine also add a delicate touch to your Christmas lights. Tie them up with a bow and embellish them with some shiny beads or buttons, if you like. Christmas lights company in Bucks County can give these strings a more festive look by decorating them with a pretty ribbon

Spray Paint Them

When the holiday is over, the joy of those twinkling lights can still be felt, but you do not want to wait until next year to start using and displaying these lights. Instead, you can use them in other ways, and by doing so, you save the environment from unnecessary waste. My mother-in-law used her Christmas light to decorate her new house during construction and then used another set of lights once she moved in. She spray painted them first with various green, pink and white colors. Then she placed them on her deck posts and around the bases of shrubs. She said that those lights made a great accent lighting to the yard.

Cover Them In Glitter

Mixing it will make your Christmas lights look like a dazzling light show if you have some glitter lying around. You can also buy glitter in craft stores. The glitter can be easily spray painted and then sprinkled onto the aluminum wire ends of the Christmas lights so they look shimmery and glamorous.

The best part about this method is you can create different combinations of colors by using different shades of glitter and different numbers of lights. Exterior Christmas light installation in Bucks County can provide you with some ideas, and the possibilities are endless.


Christmas lights do not have to be dumped and lost after the holidays. You can easily repurpose these lights so they still look great and are functional too.