Lawn Care Services in Blue Bell & Norristown

EMC Lawncare is based in Montgomery County, PA and homeowners in Blue Bell and surrounding areas have trusted us with their lawn care needs since 2014. We’re a full service grass care company that provides a wide range of services from fertilization, weed control, and topsoil management to seeding, mulching, and stump grinding.  Call us for all your lawn care needs and we’ll provide a customized grass care regimen that will take your spotty lawn and turn it into a lush sea of green.

Lawn Treatment Plans in Blue Bell, PA

National providers of lawn treatments can’t provide the same kind of personalized service that we can.  They may offer some of the same services but for things like mulching and stump grinding, you could be on your own.  Why not call a local company that can take care of your spotty lawn along with those other jobs?

Weed Removal Company in Blue Bell & Norristown, PA

Our lawn care service starts with a topsoil analysis that will determine your soil pH and whether it’s lacking in any vital nutrients that grass needs to thrive.  If you’ve got a spotty lawn, we can aerate your topsoil and do some seeding, if necessary, to fill in those bare patches.  Next, we’ll recommend lawn treatments like fertilization and weed control to give your grass the nutrients it’s lacking and to control aggressive weeds that can deprive it of food and sunlight.

If you’ve got old stumps in your yard, we can do stump grinding and grass seeding to get rid of them, or we can even do mulching in the area and create new flower beds.  Every step in our process takes the unique needs of your lawn into account.

Grass Care and Fertilization Services in Blue Bell

In addition to fertilization and weed control, we’ll design a lawn care program for the warm season and all year around.  That includes services that many national companies simply don’t provide like debris removal and cleanup, topsoil management, weed removal, seeding, mulching, and stump grinding.  You can say goodbye to your spotty lawn forever when you call EMC Lawncare!

Join homeowners in Blue Bell, Norristown, and nearby areas in trusting your lawn treatments to EMC Lawncare!  We’ll provide the best, personalized care for your lawn from the topsoil to the tip of every blade of grass.  Don’t spend another warm season with a spotty lawn; call EMC for all your lawn treatments and general landscaping services like weed removal, seeding, mulching, and stump grinding.

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