Lawn Care in Warminster

Are you having problems with a spotty lawn? Perhaps your grass refuses to grow no matter how much watering you do. When you have lawn care problems, you should give us a call. EMC Lawn Care is a professional lawn treatment company. We specialize in weed control, grass fertilization, and other services that will make your lawn look incredible. Here are a few services and benefits that you can experience when you choose us in Warminster.

The Best Weed Control & Removal Services

Having a spotty lawn can be frustrating. Some of your grass may be growing well in certain areas, but there are a few trouble areas that are causing you embarrassment. Unless you have access to soil testing instruments, you likely won't know the reason behind the lack of growth.

Our company can inspect your soil and help determine the reason behind the problems. In most cases, it likely has to do with the lack of grass fertilization. Fertilizing is an integral part of having a beautiful lawn. Fertilizing introduces the required nutrients that grass needs in order to be healthy.

A vital part of our grass care service is grass fertilization. After testing your soil, we'll determine what kind of nutrients your grass needs and create a formula specifically for your grass. This customized grass care is something our company is proud to offer.

In time, your spotty lawn will transform into a thick lawn of green grass.

Weed Control is Critical in Warminster

Another reason behind your spotty lawn may be due to weeds. Fertilizing your lawn may cause weed growth. While you need to fertilize it for grass care, the weeds in your lawn will also take advantage of the added nutrients in the area. They'll steal the nutrients and grow thick instead of the grass.

weed control warminster
lawn care warminster

When you want to fertilize your lawn, then it's important that you call us for weed control. Our company in Warminster will help with weed removal, so your lawn isn't choked by weeds. The nutrients will be delivered to the grass instead.

Weed removal isn't easy. They toss their seeds everywhere and can be difficult to isolate from the grass. Our weed removal methods are effective. We'll find the right treatment for your weed removal needs.

Seeding in Warminster

You can't expect to have thick grass if you don't take the time to seed them. One important part of our grass care treatment is seeding. Before we can fertilize your lawn, we'll cover it in seeds that will keep your grass growing thick. Fertilizing the seeds will help them grow quickly.

Knowing when, how, and where to seed grass can be challenging. Our lawn care experts will do the job for you, so you can simply enjoy your lawn instead.

We Can Help With Spotty Lawns & Other Lawn Issues


Whether you need Bucks County lawn care or the surrounding area, we can help. Call our team today to find out more about our lawn solutions.