Lawn Treatments in Souderton, PA

If your grass isn't growing as it should be, then there could be a few reasons behind it. At EMC Lawncare, we excel in providing lawn treatments, so your yard can reach its maximum potential for beauty. Whether you're dealing with a spotty lawn or a weed control problem, we can help you. Here are some of the services and benefits that you can receive in Souderton, PA.

Grass Fertilization Services in Souderton, PA

Fertilizing your lawn is essential to having healthy grass. Our lawn care company understands how grass fertilization works. It isn't as simple as piling on fertilizer. You need to understand what kind of nutrients your grass is lacking and how much fertilizer to spread.

Grass fertilization begins by taking a sample of the soil. It helps us understand what nutrients are lacking currently. We can then find the right fertilizing type needed to restore health to your grass.

Once your grass receives the right kind of fertilizing, you'll be able to watch it grow quickly and thickly.

Weed Removal and Weed Control in Souderton, PA

A problem with seeding and fertilizing is that it may lead to the growth of weeds. Unfortunately, weeds tend to steal water and nutrients from grass. After seeding, the seeds may be unable to grow due to the lack of nutrients because of weeds. This may result in a spotty lawn.

Our lawn care company can offer weed removal and weed control solutions. We approach each case with a different and custom mindset. No one weed removal treatment works for all yards. This approach to lawn treatments allows us to give customized solutions for our clients that work.

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Our team will work diligently in removing weeds from your lawn and help ensure that they don't return. Your lawn will be left looking sleek and green as a result.

Top Notch Seeding & Fertilizing Services

We also offer other treatments that can be used to help the growth of your grass. One of those is seeding. If you have a spotty lawn, then seeding may help. It introduces fresh and new grass seeds to an area that may have been missed when grass pollinated. After careful examination of the area to ensure it has the right amount of nutrients, we'll seed the spot.

Another one of our lawn treatments is mulching. Mulch is a great way to prevent the growth of weeds and keep your grass healthy. By using wood and other organic materials, the grass is covered in it. It works alongside fertilizer to give the grass a rich diet. Because it covers the grass, mulch can also be used to help stop the spread of weeds.

Contact Our Lawn Care Company To Help With Spotty Lawns

When you need lawn treatments that are customized for your lawn, then give us a call. Our keen understanding of the growth cycle of grass and its health will allow us to offer you a yard that's gorgeous.