Lawn Treatments in Lansdale, PA

Spotty lawns are frustrating. No matter how much fertilizing you do or how much you water, those areas just don't seem to fill in with grass. If you're growing frustrated with your spotty lawn in Blue Bell, PA, or Lansdale, PA, then we can help. EMC Lawncare specializes in grass care and lawn treatments to give you a rich, green, lawn. Here are some of the services and benefits that we offer in Lansdale, PA.

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EMC Lawncare provides a complete range of lawn treatments in Lansdale, PA. Our expert team assesses the quality of your lawn and your soil, and works with you to offer the right services.

  • Weed Control and Removal: Weeds like dandelions and crabgrass can take over a lawn if left unchecked. Hire EMC Lawncare for pre-emergent treatments, liquid weed-killer services, and professional weed removal.
  • Grass Fertilizing: Lawn care services like fertilizing and aeration services work together to keep your grass strong and healthy. Aeration provides small holes that allow fertilizer and water better access to the roots of the grass. Proper fertilizer keeps grass lush and verdant. We’ll test your soil so we know exactly what nutrients are missing before we start work.
  • Seeding Services: Bare lawns or new lawns require the right type and volume of seeds. Trust the experts at EMC Lawncare to seed your lawn right so you can enjoy it for many years to come. Hiring lawn care professionals avoids problems like overseeding or failing to notice other plants that are already established under the soil.

We also provide stump grinding, mulching, and a range of pest control services as well as lawn treatments in Lansdale, PA.

Contact us to find out more about lawn care in North Wales, PA, Lansdale, PA and more local surrounding areas.

Fertilizing Lawn Care Services in Lansdale, PA

One of the best ways to cure a spotty lawn is by fertilizing. Grass fertilization involves the use of special fertilizers designed for lawns. The nutrients inside of the fertilizers help nourish the grass, so it grows thick and healthy. However, fertilizing isn't as easy as dumping it on the ground and spreading it.

You first need to ensure that you're using the right grass fertilization type. Our team is comprised of experts in their field. They understand grass and its health. If you have a spotty lawn due to malnourishment, then they can find the right grass fertilization solution for you.

It begins with a soil test. This will help inform us what kind of nutrients are in the soil if any. Once we determine the nutrients that the grass is lacking, we can find a fertilizer that will supplement those nutrients.

Weed Control and Weed Removal Services in Lansdale, PA

An important part of lawn care is weed control and weed removal. Part of the reason why you have a problematic lawn could be due to the presence of weeds. When there are weeds on your lawn, they take up both water and nutrients from the soil around it. Your grass could end up being starved and parched.

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Any fertilizer work you do could end up feeding the weeds instead of the grass. Our company offers some of the best weed control and weed removal services in the area. We don't approach your lawn like everyone else's. Instead, every lawn is original.

By approaching the problem with a custom mindset, we can develop lawn treatments specifically for you. Our lawn care solution might be to remove the weeds and starve the soil for a time, so the weeds can't return. It may involve a thorough search of the area to ensure every weed seed is removed.

Depending on your specific problem, we'll utilize a solution that will get rid of your weeds and allow you to enjoy your lawn fully again.

Weed Control & Removal Services

You may have some experience of planting flowers, but it isn't the same as seeding something. Whether you have bald spots in your grass, or your grass isn't just as thick as you'd like it to be, that problem may be addressed by seeding.

One of the lawn treatments that we can offer is seeding. This involves planting grass seeds in strategic locations. It's important not to spread too many seeds. This can lead to competition between the seeds. As a result, your lawn may not grow as thickly or evenly as you would like.

Other factors like soil and air temperature also need to be considered. Seeds sprout better when they're planted under their preferred conditions. We'll know exactly when it's time to seed your grass.

Make Your Lawn Look Fresh & New With Our Lawn Services

Your lawn could become a masterpiece of greenery and beauty when you use our company in Lansdale, PA. Call us to see what other solutions and treatments, we can do for you. We'll make your lawn awe-inspiring.

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Rampant weeds, brown spots, uneven growth, and patchy grass are all common problems for lawns in Lansdale, PA. That's why EMC Lawncare offers all the services you need to keep your lawn looking its best. From fertilizing to seeding to weed control, we're capable of providing expert lawn treatments that will give your yard all the TLC that it needs.

A lush, green lawn can do a lot to enhance your home's curb appeal. If you want a better-looking lawn, and you're like to know more about grass fertilization, seeding, and other lawn treatments, reach out to our Lansdale, PA company today. You'll be amazed when you see the way that regular fertilizing treatments can transform a dull, disheveled lawn. Contact us today for our professional lawn services and more!

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