Lawn Treatments in Doylestown & New Hope, PA

Behind every lush, green lawn there’s a fertilizing company that provided the lawn treatments it takes to make it thrive.  For residents of Bucks County, EMC Lawncare has provided those services since 2014, including grass care, weed control, topsoil management, seeding, and more.  While other fertilizing companies take the one-size-fits-all approach to lawn care, we’re dedicated to providing the personalized service your lawn needs.  We’ll design a grass care regimen specifically for your lawn and we even offer additional landscaping services like debris cleanup, seeding, mulching, and stump grinding.  For all your lawn care needs, call EMC Lawncare at (267) 718-5952.

Fertilizing Company in New Hope, PA

We know there are a lot of fertilizing companies to choose from.  If you choose one of those national chains for your lawn care, you won’t get the kind of individual attention you get from a locally owned and operated lawn care company.  And while those companies may be able to take care of lawn treatments like grass fertilization and weed control, many of them won’t do difficult jobs like fall cleanup, weed removal, topsoil management, mulching, and stump grinding.  Homeowners in Doylestown, New Hope, PA and surrounding areas have already chosen EMC Lawncare for their grass care needs, so why not follow their lead and select a local company for your lawn treatments?

Grass Care & Treatments

EMC Lawncare is a full service lawn care provider, meaning we can take care of lawn issues like weed removal, topsoil management, seeding, mulching, stump grinding, and more.  Grass fertilization is only part of what we do, so be sure to call us for anything your lawn needs!

Your friends and neighbors in Doylestown, New Hope, PA and nearby areas have trusted us since 2014 and you can too!  Your grass care program starts with a topsoil analysis through which we’ll determine the soil pH and find out if your lawn is lacking necessary nutrients.  Next, we’ll look for any dead spots to see if they need seeding.  Once we’ve got a solid foundation, we can recommend lawn treatments like grass fertilization and weed control that will fight off stubborn weeds and give your grass everything it needs to thrive.  With a regular program of weed removal, topsoil management, and seeding, your lawn will look great all year around, and we can also get your beds in shape with mulching and stump grinding if necessary.

Don’t go another warm season with a spotty, dried out lawn; call EMC Lawncare at (267) 718-5952.  We can provide a wide range of lawn care and landscaping services including mulching and stump grinding, so call us today for a free estimate!

The Best Lawn Care Services in Doylestown, PA and New Hope, PA

Having a thriving lawn doesn't have to be difficult. To have the green and thick grass of your dreams, you simply need to use a professional lawn care company. EMC Lawncare is passionate about delivering high-quality service for our clients. Unlike other companies, we provide a comprehensive lawn treatment that's custom to your yard. Here are some of the benefits of using our lawn treatments.

Thriving Grass in Doylestown, PA

Fertilizing and seeding aren't always easy topics to understand. You can create a spotty lawn through over-fertilizing and under-fertilizing. Unless you regularly test your soil, it's unlikely that you know how much nutrition your grass is receiving. When you utilize our company, we handle all of your grass care needs.

We'll carefully examine your spotty lawn and determine its underlying cause. The problem may rest with grass fertilization or it may have to do with the amount of water that the grass receives. We'll make the proper adjustments, so your grass can grow long and green.

Using our grass care services in Doylestown, PA and New Hope, PA ensures that your grass will be the healthiest in your neighborhood.

Clear Up Your Lawn With Our Weed Removal

Aside from grass fertilization, we also offer weed control. There's a good chance that your lawn looks spotty because of weeds. They can steal the nutrients introduced through fertilizing from the grass. Our weed removal team will thoroughly remove any weeds in your yard.

Unlike other companies, we'll also take further steps to perform weed control, so they don't come back. This might mean seeding the topsoil with weed-killing plants. It might mean utilizing other lawn treatments that can keep weeds from spreading across the lawn.

Whichever method we utilize, you can be sure that your lawn in Doylestown, PA will look fantastic.

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Our lawn care services are second to none. Let us take care of your topsoil and fertilizing needs. Together, you'll be able to enjoy a green and thick lawn for years.

Let us make your lawn look brand new.

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