Perforating soil with small holes to allow air, water, and other nutrients reach the grass roots. This will help roots to grow deep and produce a stronger and healthier lawn. This also alleviates soil compaction.

Dethatching is recommended once a year or when your thatch is thicker than a half an inch. Dethatching removes dead matted grass roots and debris to help water and nutrients get to healthy soil and grass roots. This helps prevent weeds and diseases from affecting the appearance of your lawn.

Crabgrass is an unwanted annual grassy weed that thrives in hot temperatures and dry areas and is difficult to get rid of. To combat this tough weed, EMC Lawncare uses a pre-emergent that creates a barrier at the surface to prevent crabgrass growth.

Fertilizing is used to get your lawn all of the nutrients it needs—this helps promote new leaf and root growth. EMC Lawncare uses high quality granular products according to the season to ensure a consistently healthy, green lawn.

Each lawn is susceptible to various types of weeds and funguses such as crabgrass, dandelions, nutsedge, and more. EMC Lawncare uses all liquid-based weed spray to deliver an accurate application and prevent any lawn damage. We use top-of-the-line equipment to reduce the chance of drift and overspray on any unwanted areas.

If untreated, lawn grubs—such as Japanese Beetles—will eat the grass roots from under the soil, leaving sections of lawn completely dead. To prevent this, we use a granular product right before their hatching season usually around early summer.  

For new lawns, bare spots, or thin lawns we recommend spreading grass seed. EMC Lawncare uses high quality seed to meet your specific lawn care needs. We determine what specific seed mix your lawn requires depending on the environment and conditions to ensure the best results.

We can make your yard look brand new again.

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