Lawn Care in Willow Grove

Having a picturesque lawn in Willow Grove isn't impossible. You just need the right lawn care services. At EMC Lawncare, we provide custom and high-quality lawn treatments for your home. We make having a green lawn easy. Here are some of the services and benefits that you can expect from us.

We Provide The Best Spotty Lawn Treatments

The largest part of any landscaping is the grass. If you have a spotty lawn, then it might be due to a few different reasons. The biggest is that your grass isn't receiving the kind of nutrition that it needs. Our company offers fertilizing treatments that can restore your lawn to good health.

Whether it's due to erosion or water, it's possible for the soil to be stripped of its nutrients. Our grass care solutions will determine the cause behind the lack of nutrients and figure out what nutrients your grass is lacking. We'll then be able to prescribe a cocktail that can introduce its missing nutrients through fertilizing.

As a result, your grass will finally be able to grow the length that you want. Your spotty lawn will disappear, and in its place, a green lawn will emerge.

Weed Control in Willow Grove

Another reason behind your spotty lawn is weeds. After fertilizing your lawn, weeds may end up stealing the nutrients for themselves. This can create bald spots in your lawn that may be taken up by weeds instead. To remove the spotty lawn and get rid of weeds, you need our effective weed control treatment.

Our company specializes in the removal of weeds. We can effectively remove them without further injuring your lawn or other landscaping attributes. Our company takes every facet of grass care into consideration. That includes weed removal practices that don't also damage your grass.

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Seeding in Willow Grove

In some cases, your lawn may need fresh seeds. A spotty lawn can sometimes be fixed through seeding. This process involves the careful distribution of seeds across the lawn. Those seeds will eventually take root and emerge into fresh and healthy grass. Seeding is often coupled with weed removal solutions to ensure that the weeds don't steal nutrition away from the seedlings.

Unless you know when or how to seed, you should leave this practice to the experts in grass care. We'll ensure that the seeds are placed where they need to be and have a chance to grow into healthy adult grass.

Mulching in Willow Grove

Another way to bring in extra nutrients and protect your lawn is through mulching. This lawn care solution involves the use of wood and other organic material to create a compost of sorts for the grass. It provides plenty of nutrition and can help limit the spread of weeds. We can mulch your yard to promote good health.

Trusted Grass Care Services

When you need expert grass care, then call us. Our team of experts can save your lawn and keep it healthy.