It’s that time of year again! Time to start decorating the house for Christmas. One task many people dread is hanging up their Christmas lights. It can be tedious, challenging, and even dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. To help make your life easier this year, we have compiled a list of tips to avoid injury while hanging Christmas lights on your house:

1) Use a Ladder: Many people don’t use ladders while hanging Christmas lights on their houses. It’s probably because they aren’t sure which ladder is safe to use. Here are some tips when using your ladder this holiday season:

-Make sure the ladder is fully extended before you climb it, and ensure that all locks are in place.

Ensure there is nothing dangling from the bottom of the ladder, such as electrical cords or tools. This can cause injury if you accidentally kick them with your foot or run into them while climbing up or down the ladder’s steps.

2) Use a Long Pole: If you don’t have a ladder or prefer to use a long pole, make sure it’s at least 12 feet high.

-The best material for the poles is fiberglass since they are lightweight and won’t bend easily when pressure is applied, such as trying to push them into the ground during windy weather.

-Do not stand on top of your Christmas lights while hanging them up with this method unless you want an early holiday gift under your tree! The last thing anyone wants is someone getting hurt by falling off their roof.

3) Use Electrical Hooks:

-If you are hanging lights on your house, be sure to use an electrical hook since they can withstand high winds.

-Use at least two clips per strand of the Christmas lights to prevent them from falling or blowing away in strong wind gusts. You should also place these hooks as close together as possible so there is not much weight pulling on each clip which could cause injury if that part fails and the entire strand falls off all at once onto someone below.

4)Hire a professional:

-If you aren’t comfortable hanging your own Christmas lights, there are professionals out there to help. However one might ask, are there Christmas decoration installers near me? Many companies like Christmas light installation in Bucks County will come to hang the holiday lights for free for a tip or even actual payment if they previously worked in that house. Depending on their company policies and what is included in the cost of service will determine whether it would be worth hiring them or not since some may charge extra fees for things like climbing up ladders, etc.