5 Tips For Hanging Holiday Lights

Being able to properly hang your holiday lights is important. You need to be able to have the display that you want while maintaining safety on your property. If you are planning a Christmas light installation in Bucks County, below are five tips for hanging these lights.

1. Have the Right Equipment

Before you start hanging your Christmas lights, you need to have the appropriate equipment for your safety.

  • A strong and sturdy ladder
  • Command Strips
  • Outdoor power cords
  • Heavy-duty zip ties
  • Tape measure
  • Holiday lights for outdoor use

All of these items are necessary for the safety and success of your installation! 

2. Have A Spotter

While you are up on the ladder hanging Christmas lights, you need someone down below watching to keep you safe during the process. What you do not want to do is attempt to hang these lights without some type of assistance or while you are alone. This could lead to a potentially disastrous accident. 

3. Avoid Hazard Areas With Lights

If you hang your lights near the plastic inflatables on the roof or on the lawn, you could set yourself up for a fire hazard. You also want to avoid hanging lights near a utility box. If you have an outdoor outlet in your home, make sure that your hanging lights are not falling into the outlet. When you unwrap the lights, check to make sure there is no exposed wire so that when you hang them, the lights are not shorted out or near a place on the house where the wire could be damaged.

4. Opt For LED Lights

While there are several brands and types of outdoor lights, LED outdoor lights are designed specifically for outdoor environments. They also do not use as much electricity, which is good for both safety and keeping your electric bill as low as possible. LED lights will also last for a long period of time before they need to be replaced.

5. Light Clips Are Your Friends

Avoid causing unwanted damage to your roof and siding with nails and a hammer. If you want to hang holiday lights on your property, you should take advantage of light clips for secure attachment to your home. They can come in several color options, including clear so you do not see the clips during the display. 

Would You Like Some Help With Your Holiday Lights?

If you would like for a professional to help with your Holiday lights, contact us at EMC Lawn Care today for exterior Christmas light installation in Bucks County. Our team will safely install your Christmas lights so you don’t have to. We look forward to working with you soon.