Keeping Your Property Safe When Hanging Exterior Christmas Lights

Few things bring holiday cheer to a winter evening like shimmering lights on every home in the neighborhood. If you want to join your neighbors by adding exterior Christmas lights to your home, think about safety first. You can keep your home secure with a few tips, or you can leave it to the professionals at EMC Lawncare to install your lights using all the necessary precautions.

It’s important to use the right equipment, such as timers, outdoor bulbs, and power cords with safety features built in. You can stop carolers in their tracks with a gorgeous home lighting scheme while protecting your property from fire hazards. Here’s how.

Install Outdoor-Rated Lights and Fixtures

Read labels carefully to ensure that fixtures and other lighting equipment are safe for outdoor use. For example, you’ll need equipment appropriate for wet locations, even if you don’t expect the wiring and bulbs to get wet. If you’re installing lights on your roof or around windows, you’ll want to read the packages carefully. Terms like weatherproof or weather resistant are a good indication that you’re getting the right equipment.


Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs) shut the power down if your outdoor lights short circuit. These outlets are tried and true ways to safeguard your home against a potential fire. It can also prevent nasty shocks that can quickly ruin your holiday. In addition, only use weatherproof extension cords safe for outdoor use.

Why Can’t You Use Generic/Indoor Extension Cords?

Indoor extension cords are light and flexible. However, they lack the insulation and other features that you need to keep your property safe. If indoor extension cords get wet, they typically fail or cause unnecessary safety hazards.

Use Outdoor Decorative Lights

The lights you hang on your Christmas tree can set the holiday mood inside your home. However, they’re probably not safe to put on your porch railing. Start by checking the labeling, as always, to ensure that you’re purchasing outdoor, weatherproof lights.

Are Your Receptacles Weatherproof?

Don’t plug your exterior holiday lighting into DIY receptacles without the proper configuration. Temporary outdoor lighting should connect directly to outdoor rated receptacles. Avoid running your cords through windows and doorways as this practice will send cold drafts running through your home and increase the risk of a fire.

If your home doesn’t have outdoor receptacles, hire an electrician to install a few around the exterior of your home. This will make it easy to add gorgeous lighting configurations to every side of your property. It will also come in handy when you want to run electrical devices outside any time of the year.

Time for Timers

Timers are essential for exterior holiday lighting. They make it easy to control when your lights turn on and off. This can save you money and energy and prevent many fire hazards due to overheated bulbs. Plus, you can program your timers for a customized light show that will dazzle your neighbors.

Contact A Professional Exterior Light Installer

Are you looking for professional help for exterior Christmas light installation in Bucks County? EMC Lawncare does more than keep your landscape immaculate year-round. We’re also reliable exterior holiday lighting partners. We can help you choose decorations that will make your property stand out from other homes in the neighborhood. However, you won’t have to climb a ladder or worry about using the right equipment. Our team can ensure that all your decorations are up to code and safe to use outdoors.

So, if you want to create a luminous display without putting your home at risk, contact our Doylestown lawn care team to schedule a free consultation.