hanging christmas lights

One of the best parts of Christmas is the opportunity to express your creativity through your holiday decorations. While embellishing the tree and hanging stockings, you may find yourself with thousands of ideas of what to do on the inside of your home. However, you may need a little help on how to approach your decor on the outside. Here are this season’s popular lighting trends to help you gain inspiration.

Celebrate Nature

Having contact with nature advances your physical health, lowers blood pressure, and slows the production of stress hormones. Trees, bushes, and even grass can play a significant part in building a lovely holiday scene for your entire neighborhood to enjoy. Weave your lights through pinecones, salvaged wood, and even natural stone for an inviting and contemporary holiday style.

Have A Blue Christmas

Although red, green, and gold are the traditional colors that most people associate with the holidays, blue has now taken a dominant spot. Reminiscent of a winter wonderland, blue lights have the feel of ice and the beauty of a starry night sky. Instead of sticking with one hue, incorporate shades of aquamarine and cerulean to your design.

Use Warm Lighting

When decorating with white lights, the chilly, wintery versions are a thing of the past. Now, homes are exhibiting styles with warm golden illumination. Previously, filament-based incandescent bulbs were used to achieve this milder effect. But they can get very hot and must be kept away from anything flammable. LED lights can be a more safe and practical way to go. There are even some with mild tones like those of traditional incandescent.

Try New Approaches

Although string lights and decorative lights are the norms in many households, some people are choosing to switch up their holiday lights to styles that are new and unique. Starburst string lights are a fun choice to consider. These lights have a delicate sparkling effect and can be strung up in numerous ways such as along porches, in trees, and beside walkways.

Get Reliable Help

After completing a week of full-time employment or taking care of a family, you may not have much time in your schedule to put up holiday lights each year. However, hiring a trained professional team allows you to spend more time enjoying the festivities of the season.

Also, a professional crew will eliminate the safety risks that could happen to you or your family. Setting up holiday lights can result in falls, injuries, and unfortunate visits to the emergency room. Contact EMC Lawncare today to schedule an estimate on a Christmas light installer in Bucks County.

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