5 Questions Leading Up to Professional Christmas Light Installation

The holidays are here, and part of what makes this time so special is the little traditions around it. Spending time with family, giving and receiving gifts, Santa for your kids, and Christmas decorations are all little things that fill us with so much holiday joy. One magical thing about the holiday is Christmas lights adorning most homes in Bucks County.

If you are online searching for Christmas decoration installers near me, then you are probably excited and hoping you make a good first-time installation service. Worry not, however, as here are five questions to ask before professional Christmas light installation.

1. Are They Insured?

Despite the finished product looking mesmerizing and heavenly, Christmas lights installation can be quite dangerous. Ladder climbing, operating on the roof, and electricity make holiday lighting installations prone to accidents. As a result, you want all professionals involved in the installation process to possess insurance.

The experts should be covered by liability insurance or employee compensation in case bad injuries occur on duty. Remember, if the company lacks proper insurance, an employee can sue you for payment as they were working on your property.

2. What are the Installation and Removal Costs?

When it comes to holiday lights, no one price fits all installation costs. The installation is dependent on a couple of factors, such as your home’s size, the details of your lighting decoration, and preferences. Elements such as picking LED lights over incandescent lights can affect the final cost.

Please discuss different options with your Christmas light company and how much they will cost you. Afterward, settle on the installation within your budget for the holidays.

3. What’s the Quality/Type of Lights?

The quality of the Christmas lights about to be installed can affect their visual appearance and functionality. Traditional mini-incandescent bulbs are more susceptible to defects if used for a while. On the other hand, LED bulbs are more energy-efficient and are easy to design into different aesthetics.

You should also consider the color quality of the light. Pick a color that suits your home’s outdoor decor or preference from ranges that include cool or daylight options.

4. Are There Free Additional Repair or Maintenance Services?

Most Christmas light companies in Bucks County, most likely will offer maintenance or repair services. If a company does not offer these services, consider it a red flag, as their lights could be prone to quick or recurring problems.

5. How Soon and Quick Will Installation Take?

The time during the holiday rush can be even more precious. If you want your lights done in little to no time, hire a trusted local Christmas light company for your installation. Not only will they offer prompt services, but you can expect top-quality work.
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