lawn care in Bucks County

The lawn is the most substantial part of your home, with more considerable landscaping that gives a beautiful appeal to the home. To make it better each day, you'll need to put crucial measures to keep it evergreen. You need to pay close attention to activities such as fertilization, seedling, topsoil management, and mulching to avoid compacted soil underneath and a spotty lawn. The team at EMC Lawncare can help you with lawn care in Bucks County.

The work can be time-consuming and a daunting process, especially when you have to keep up with your lawn schedules. Below are the watering tips that will keep your lawn green.

Use Fertilizer

A lawn depletes in nutrients when it's continuously cut. It also becomes spotty due to a lack of fertilization, and you may never recover the lawn if you do not fertilize it as required. Although there are ways you can fertilize by yourself like using grass fertilization treatments, you may not effectively remove the spotty lawn. Meaning, you may need systematic administration of lawn treatments together with weed removal and seedling.

To eliminate first growth due to fertilization while keeping your lawn green, you need to use lower nitrogen content fertilizer. You can also fertilize it naturally by using a mulching mower, which recycles nutrients in the grass and the soil. Apply the fertilizers according to the specification given on the bottle content and be sure that you select one suitable for the grass. Also, don't apply too much as it can turn grass brown. Apply it evenly and accordingly.

Remove Weeds

Removing weeds earlier often keeps the lawn better, greener, and healthier. Weeds can be nuisances and ruin the landscape appeal. Weeds are also an enemy to nutrients in the soil, making it weaker and less efficient. You can get rid of them by pulling them out manually or using weed control products to maintain a healthy, thick, and full lawn.

You can combine the weed removal with activities such as topsoil management and stump grinding for better results. To get the best weed control products, you may need to test the soil first and be sure that you apply the recommended product.


Spotty lawn will require seeding. You will need to apply rich topsoil and grass seed in the affected parts. Also, grass fertilization will help you get rid of the dead spots quickly. Be careful not to run a weed control after seeding because it will prevent them from germinating and can also kill young seedlings.

The lawn needs constant care to keep it green in all seasons. Sometimes, it might get challenging to bring it back to green when it gets neglected for a long time. Meaning, you may need professional help that will give your lawn a customized approach with better services. For professional grass care in Willow Grove, contact EMC Lawncare today.

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