Keep Your Lawn Green With These Watering Tips

Everyone wants a bright green lawn! The number one tip for keeping a lawn green is providing regular watering that completely saturates the soil. To maintain a green lawn, allow the grass to soak up an inch to an inch and a half of water weekly. If you have a home irrigation system, you can program it to ensure this watering task is done. For more tips about grass care in New Hope, PA, EMC Lawncare can help.

Does Watering Brown Grass Turn It Green?

When a lawn does not have enough moisture in the soil it will turn brown and into a dormancy period. For a dormant lawn that has turned brown to turn green again, heavy watering is needed. A tip for maintaining a green lawn throughout the summertime is to water regularly on a set schedule.

How Often Must I Water My Lawn During the Summertime?

If you are concerned about how often your lawn needs watering during the summer months, the answer may bewilder you. Your grass normally receives around one to one and a half inches of water each week between rainfall and irrigation. For the best results, ensure to give your lawn a deep watering every other day.

Mow the Grass Correctly

It might appear to be an easy enough job to mow grass correctly, yet it can be done wrong. How you mow has a huge impact on the way grass grows, and mowing correctly ensures a thicker lawn. The biggest mistake homeowners make is mowing their lawns too short. You put stress on a lawn that is cut too short, causing it to turn yellow or dull green. When mowing your grass you should aim for cutting not more than a third of the grass blades at once. The perfect time to mow is once a week when the grass reaches a height of three and a half to four inches. Ensure the blades of your mower are sharp to provide the cleanest cut possible.

Tips for Maintaining Greener Grass

Besides getting your lawn on a regular watering schedule, here are some other tips to get and maintain greener grass:

  • Do a soil test. For grass to grow lush and green, the roots must have soil that is healthy and nutritious.
  • Add some fertilizer to the grass. Fertilizer is another secret to a lush and green lawn.
  • Get rid of any unwanted insect pests and kill the weeds.
  • Apply grass seed to bare areas.
  • Don’t just water your lawn, keep it aerated.
  • Ensure your lawn mower blades are sharp, replace them if necessary.

Schedule Professional Lawn Treatment Needs

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