How Pet Owners Can Restore Their Lawns

Having pets is often a tremendous joy. Our furry friends can pick us up when we’re feeling blue, keep us company for hours on end, and become additional members of our families. But for all their charms, there’s no getting around a common downside to pet ownership: They do a number on our lawns. Let a dog loose in a grassy yard, and you’re likely to notice the damage almost immediately. Luckily, there are steps you can take for grass care in Perkasie, even when your family has four-legged members.

How Dogs Can Harm a Lawn

Dogs tend to be exuberant, and while this makes them a lot of fun, it often tends to make them destructive. An energetic dog will use a grassy space to run, play, and even dig. This will all leave your lawn with some damage done to it. Many dogs have a habit of running around on the exact same path, over and over again. This will eventually destroy the grass in these stretches, leaving lines of dirt passing through your lawn. Some dogs are such avid runners that they tear up not just stretches of the lawn, but the entire thing. This is especially common with dogs who like to chase their friends or play fetch. All that stopping and starting is a real lawn killer; watch closely next time your dogs are at play, and you’ll likely see the wads of turf go flying with every sudden turn.

How to Fix a Ruined Lawn

Accepting a dirty pit in your yard will condemn you to years of dirty paw prints in the home. Also, you’ve doubtlessly put plenty of time and money into your lawn. Why throw it all away now when there are still solutions to be had?

The first thing you need to do to fix your lawn is keep your dogs away from the parts that most urgently need repair. If there are dirt tracks torn into the lawn, then erect temporary fencing alongside them. If one patch of the lawn is especially worn, block it off. If you have a big enough yard, consider designating a specific dog area. We all like to spoil our pets, but your dog probably doesn’t need access to the entire yard. Create a dog area with mulch or gravel, and then build a fence around the part that’s to be resuscitated.

Next, all you have to do is reseed the affected area. Treat the worn, dirty spaces like your planting them with grass for the first time. Without the dogs there to tear, run, and dig, you’ll likely have your lawn looking good as new in no time.

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