lawn maintenance tips for the winter season

You may think lawn care stops in winter after your last cut in early fall but caring for your grass through the winter season will have you reaping the rewards of full, green grass come spring. Here are a few winter lawn care tips for you to keep in mind:

Aerate and Fertilize

Before the first frost of winter, it is a good idea to aerate and fertilize your grass. During the summer months, your grass is exposed to sun and high heat. Because of this, many nutrients are lost. Your lawn will benefit from soil aeration because it allows for water and nutrients to make their way down to the root of the grass by creating small holes within the soil. After you aerate, winter fertilization will add the nutrients lost in summer back into the soil for the roots to feed on.

Clean Up Your Lawn

After fall, many lawns are covered with fallen leaves. Be sure to clear your lawn from leaves and other debris that lay on your grass at the beginning of winter. Raking is a great way to do this. When leftover leaves and debris are kept on the lawn, they create a breeding ground for any disease that could infect your grass. While you clean your lawn’s leaves, you will also want to clear away summer furniture and toys so that they do not weigh down your grass, either. This can leave dead spots on your lawn.

Use Your Sidewalks

Sometimes it may seem like an easy shortcut to walk across your lawn instead of taking the sidewalk around but take note. Too much traffic through your grass during the winter season will leave it looking worn. So, avoid the shortcuts and use your sidewalk.

Lower Your Blades

Cutting your grass too low during the summer is known to tear up your lawn but during the last cuts of summer it’s a good idea to lower your blades gradually. Leaving your grass as short as possible in the winter will benefit and protect new growth.

Prepare in the Fall

Winterizing your lawn does not have to be a difficult task, especially when you prepare and plan in the fall. Although lawn care in Montgomery County PA is a year-round job, knowing what you need to do to winterize your lawn will help you spend less time in the cold while you enjoy a bright and beautiful lawn come spring.

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