Spring Weed Control Strategies: Tackling Weeds Early On

Spring is an excellent time to start tackling weeds when winter has slowed down weed growth in your yard so that it becomes more manageable. The sooner you get around to eliminating existing weeds and establishing protective measures to ensure they don’t grow back, the better your yard will look throughout the summer. But which strategies are most effective? Let’s take a look at a few great spring weed control strategies that will help you tackle weeds early on.

Spray Pre-Emergent Herbicide, Then Post-Emergent Herbicide

Pre-emergent herbicide is instrumental in preventing weeds from emerging, and it’s a powerful tool that can be leveraged to keep weeds from growing in your garden once springtime rolls around. That being said, some weeds may still find themselves in your yard. Spraying post-emergent herbicides on these unwanted weeds will get rid of them quickly.

Consider Mulch or Groundcover

Mulch and groundcover are both excellent solutions to weeds. Mulch prevents anything from growing by limiting access to the soil below and covering out the light, making it a more inhospitable place for weeds to try to live in. Groundcover, on the other hand, adds some greenery to your space while also crowding out weeds so that the only thing growing in the space is the groundcover. Consider these solutions if you’re looking to ensure certain areas of your yard where other plant life can’t thrive aren’t covered in weeds.

Raise the Height of Your Mower

Many homeowners keep their mower height low to get that perfect look. That being said, that look comes at a cost. When you do this, you make it easier for weeds to grow, giving them the space, sunlight, and oxygen they need to immediately take root and thrive in their new environment. Raising the height of your mower to anywhere around three to four inches allows for taller and thicker grass growth, which will result in fewer weeds.

Water and Add Essential Nutrients to Your Lawn

Watering your lawn constantly and giving it ample water so that deeper weed growth occurs is one of the most important activities you can engage in to keep your lawn healthy and weed-free. One activity that some homeowners may not participate in is checking the pH balance of the lawn. While it might sound strange, some weeds prefer environments that are either more alkaline or more acidic. If your lawn’s pH doesn’t fall in the neutral zone, you could be forming the perfect growing conditions for weeds without knowing it. Make sure you’re giving your lawn the nutrients it needs to maintain an environment that is more hostile to weeds.

Always Remove From the Root

It’s tempting to pick weeds as you see them. Unfortunately, some weeds have deep root systems, meaning that you’re only getting rid of some of the visible parts while missing the rest. If you are going to pick weeds, you can do this best when it’s wet outside as this will loosen the roots easier. If you’re trying to clear weeds when the lawn is dry, use a tool like a hoe to get rid of the weeds with greater ease.

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