How to Prepare Your Lawn for the Fall

When Fall starts to get closer, there are many things that you can do for your lawn. By preparing for the cold months of the year, you can be sure that your landscape will be healthy and thriving during the warm months. We offer lawn care that you can feel good about using.

In the Fall You Should:

. Rake

. Water your lawn well

. Add topsoil

. Mow your grass one last time before the cold weather hits

. Hire Professionals for quality services


It is important for all of the leaves in your yard to be raked up during the Fall. Along with being an eyesore, leaves can also smother the grass when it tries to come back in the warm months. You want to make certain that the leaves are gone so that your yard can thrive.

Water Your Lawn Well

Make sure that your lawn is watered well in the Fall. Although the temperature is starting to drop, moisture will still leave the soil.

Add Topsoil

You can add topsoil in the Fall to help fill in any holes in your yard and to make your soil richer. We offer topsoil services that residents can depend on. Our team of professionals can help you have the yard you’ve always wanted.

Mow Your Grass

When you are preparing for Fall, be on the lookout at how fast your grass is growing. When it starts to slow down dramatically, go ahead and plan for the last mow before the cold weather hits. If your grass keeps growing, you may need to keep mowing it a little bit. You can ask professionals for advice on when to stop mowing your grass so that your yard will get the care it needs all year long.

Hire Professionals

If you want your yard to look its best, choose a lawn service residents recommend. Professionals will make certain that all of your pre-season services are taken care of so that your lawn will be ready for the Fall and beyond. You want to prepare your grass, trees, shrubs, and flowers for the cold months. By caring for your landscape, you can enjoy its beauty for a long time to come.

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