What’s Causing The Brown Spots On My Lawn

Looking out into the grass and seeing a brown spot can be extremely frustrating. There are several different reasons why a brown spot may show up in the grass. The most important thing is to identify what is causing the problem to be treated effectively.

Dog Urine

One of the most common causes of brown spots in the yard is dog urine. This is because dog urine has a high concentration of nitrogen. Dog urine spots will have dark green outer rings and a brown center. To fix this, the area will need to be seeded to treat the area. This will allow the grass to go back. You can also work to let your dog use one specific spot so there are no spots across the lawn.


If the lawn has brown spots, it may be caused by grubs. Grubs enjoy eating the roots of the grass. The areas where grubs are will feel sponge-like. If the site is raked, the grass will roll up due to damage to the roots. Existing grubs must be killed to prevent future grub damage. Damage should be repaired throughout the fall. You can consider pest control or talk with an expert about the best way to protect your grass.

Weed Overgrowth

Another common cause of brown spots in the yard is weed overgrowth. Crabgrass, foxtail, and bluegrass can begin to die back. When this happens, it will cause brown spots in the yard. To avoid this, make sure that proper maintenance is done in both the fall and the spring. For example, topsoil should be checked for any issues. A homeowner should ensure that they make sure that the topsoil is healthy and fertilized for optimal grass growth.

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Foot Traffic

Excessive walking in the yard or toys lying around can cause brown spots. Removing toys frequently and creating pathways where the grass is not walked on is critical to avoid brown spots. When the topsoil is exposed, it will need immediate treatment with grass seed. If not, the brown spots will continue to grow, making the yard look bad.


If the yard is not properly watered, mowed, and fertilized, thatch can quickly build up. This is an accumulation of decaying plant material. If this happens, it can cause roots to grow into the thatch layer. This will not allow the grass to hold in water. The grass in the yard will become brown quickly. To rectify the situation, proper watering, mowing, and fertilization must be done correctly.

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