Will Lawn Furniture Harm My Grass?

Will lawn furniture do more damage to my grass than normal lawn furniture? This is one question that often bewilders homeowners. It is difficult to tell whether the presence of lawn furniture in one’s home will cause harm or no harm at all to the lawn. The key is in knowing what the potential damage is. Unfortunately, determining this depends mostly on one’s own ability to discern what type of lawn furniture will be added to one’s lawn.

If you’re worried about lawn furniture impacting your lawn, here are some things to ask yourself before becoming more concerned.

What is the material used in the lawn furniture?

Wood, plastic, or composite lawn furniture are the most common types that are seen on a lawn. These are materials that can greatly damage a lawn because they tend to trap moisture; mold and mildew form because of this. This can cause the development of hazardous fungal and bacterial infections.

How is the lawn furniture placed on the ground?

The position of lawn furniture also affects the formation of its eventual damage. For instance, a table or a chair that is placed so that it is parked right at the edge of a garden bed may cause that bed to form cracks. This can potentially damage the topmost layer of soil – causing the grass to become weak and damaged. For this reason, it is important for people to know the proper placement of lawn furniture. Doing this will ensure that no further damage befalls the grass.

Will lawn furniture cause me to have to do extra watering? Some lawn furniture requires more frequent watering than others. It is important for people to note that lawn furniture should only be watered when necessary. Doing this will help prevent the development of root rot, which is one of the main concerns of people who are using wooden outdoor furniture. On the other hand, using plastic furniture does not require as much water.

Can lawn furniture cause my grass to become yellow or brown in color?

This is another common concern of people who own lawn furniture. Yellow or brown colored grasses are signs of possible damage. In some cases, damage to the grass can even lead to the death of the plant. If the lawn furniture has been used over a long period of time, this condition can become permanent.

Will lawn furniture bring bugs and insects into my yard?

People who own lawn furniture should realize that they need to use repellents to keep bugs and other insects from ruining their furniture. Using insect repellent will help keep the bugs from sucking all of the life out of the lawn furniture. Also, some companies provide bug zappers that can be used to eliminate bugs and pests that have already crossed the wire.

Remember, it never hurts to have a professional look at your yard. The best lawn care in Montgomery County, PA, can help you have a yard that looks amazing. If you’re worried, seek help from lawn treatments in Lansdale today!