lawn care in spring

A lush lawn in the spring is what every homeowner aspires to have. That’s because a beautiful lawn creates the perfect backdrop for spring’s welcoming events. It’s also an exciting time of the year to think about planting your favorite flowers and enjoying outdoor spaces. Here’s how to prepare your lawn for spring’s arrival because it is just around the corner.

Pick Up Yard Debris

It’s never too soon to pick up fallen twigs and rake leaves that were missed over the wintertime. Yard debris can get stuck in your lawnmower. Plus, obstructions can prevent lawn treatments from fully absorbing into your lawn.

Mow Your Lawn Often

For the first month and a half of spring, mow your lawn every five days instead of every 7 days. This will help reduce crabgrass reproduction. You’ll grow a fuller lawn for the remainder of spring, throughout the summer, and well into autumn. If finding the time to mow is a concern, lawn care in Montgomery County, PA experts can help you maintain your mowing and treatment schedule.

Apply Recommended Lawn Treatments

At the start of spring, apply a mix of fertilizer and a pre-emergent crabgrass herbicide. Once crabgrass takes root, it is difficult to control throughout the year.

After six, seven, or eight weeks, use a mix of weed killer with a pre-emergent. Also, apply fertilizer again. This will likely keep crabgrass out of your yard.

Select a Quality Heavy Mulch

Edging out beds around shrubs is a professionally manicured feature desired in lawn care in Bucks County, PA. Trim lifeless branches and use quality mulch, such as hardwood bark. Dyed brown wood chips will suffice, but they won’t last as long or look as appealing as a heavier mulch.

Trim Tree Branches

You can see tree branches more clearly in the winter and early spring before the leaves grow back. Hire a tree trimmer every three to five years to professionally trim tree branches.

Use Fertilizer for Brown Spots

Wait until autumn to use grass seed to fill in brown patches. The reason for this is that herbicides stop grass seed from germinating. Sod is a good alternative to grass seed if you want to cover patches early.

Getting your lawn ready for spring takes effort, but when you see the results, you will realize it was well worth your time.