4 Types Of Flowers That Last All Year Long

One of the hardest parts of gardening is needing to re-plant flowers every year. Luckily, there are a few species of flowers that grow year-round. If you have the proper climate that can sustain them, here are four types of flowers that last all year long.

1. Rose

There’s a reason so many people love to plant roses. They’re gorgeous, they’re useful for increasing the privacy in a yard, and some of the variants can last all year. You’ll want to find the Desi Rose or the Kashmiri Rose if you want roses to bloom all year.

The Desi Rose gives beautiful red roses that one would expect when one thinks of roses. It prefers a shaded area to grow at its best. It has a wonderful scent and can grow up to six or seven feet. Other than adding some compost to the soil once a month, this rose doesn’t need any other care.

The Kashmiri rose is another great flower that lasts most of the year. It features several petals that look intricate together. You’ll find it in various shades and hues of red. This rose grows to about four feet and also has a spread of four feet. This rose grows best with lots of sunlight.

2. Lantana

Another incredible flower that lasts all year is the Lantana. This flower features a clump of several smaller flowers together. Their petals come in an array of colors like yellow, orange, red, and even shades of purple and pink. They can create quite an incredible display of beautiful color in your garden.

They do best in well-draining soil and under a lot of sunlight. You can expect these flowers to attract lots of hummingbirds and butterflies.

3. Adenium

Also called the Desert Rose, Adenium is another gorgeous flower that can grow for an extended time. This flower can be grown outdoors or indoors. It’s often considered a succulent. When the flowers bloom, they can be as large as two or three inches.

This plant requires warm temperatures to grow. It doesn’t require very much water.

4. Bougainvillea

If you love flowers that blossom and grow everywhere, like a carpet, then you’ll want to plant the Bougainvillea flower. This variety grows almost all year and has an incredible reddish-purple color. Depending on the variety that you buy, they can grow anywhere from 1 inch to 30.

It needs plenty of warmth and the sun to grow large. It’s best to use a trellis or have an arbor for these to climb.

Take Care of Your Flowers

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