taking care of insects in your garden

Keeping Your Yard Safe

Considering the amount of work that you put into your yard, the last thing you want is for pests to come and ruin it. Some bugs are there to help your yard grow while others will cause damage. Can you tell the difference between the two? At EMC Lawncare, we want to help your garden thrive. That’s why it’s important to know these essential tips for recognizing pests.

1. Predator Bugs

Although their name may be aggressive, predator bugs are actually your friends. They feed on other bugs that are trying to destroy your garden and landscape. Some predator bugs that you should keep in your yard are Aphid Midges, Green Lacewings, Minute Pirate Bugs, Ladybugs.

While you like already know what ladybug looks like, it’s a good idea to research the other three, so you can tell a predator from pests.

2. Japanese Beetle

One of the worst bugs for your yard is the Japanese Beetle. You can typically recognize these beetles by their shiny brown or tan bodies. Sometimes you can see green reflecting under sunlight.

Japanese Beetles eat any plant that they can. They’ll chew through your flowers, grass, and any vegetable or fruit that you’re growing in your garden. If you see one, then be sure you’re ready to remove them.

3. Stinkbugs

If their name didn’t give it away, stinkbugs give a bad odor whenever they’re scared or killed. The unfortunate thing about stinkbugs is that their odor also attracts other stinkbugs to them. If you find one in your home, it’s a good idea to quickly take it outside as far as possible from your home and remove it there. You don’t want to attract more inside of your home.

These bugs eat both vegetables and fruits, so if you have either in your garden, then you can expect an attempt of a visit from them.

4. Rabbits

As for larger pests, you can usually tell if you’re getting visitors if you see feces nearby. Rabbit pellets are small and clustered close together. Rabbits can also chew your grass and garden. If you want to keep your garden safe, then you may want to transition to raised garden beds or installing a fence that can keep rabbits out of the area.

A fence can also be useful for keeping rabbits out of your entire yard. You’ll want the posts to be embedded deep, so they can’t dig under it either.

Call the Experts

If you’re still noticing damage to your landscaping like gopher hills and chipmunk holes, then you should call the experts. We can help you with lawn care in New Hope, PA to keep your landscape looking professional, green, and sophisticated.

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