A Guide To Mowing Your Lawn The Right Way - EMC Lawncare

If you are looking to achieve that luscious green and healthy lawn, then taking care of it should be a top priority. Spring and summer seasons are the best time to mow your lawn. It’s a good idea to create a lawn care plan. We offer you great tips on how to properly mow your lawn and achieve the best cut.

Maintain Your Lawn Mower Regularly

Your lawnmower is your partner in creating crisp cuts and trims for your grass. A well-maintained lawn mower will cut grass cleanly and leave your lawn looking neat. Lastly, you can also consider getting a riding lawnmower. It will save you time if you have a large yard.

Wait Until The Grass Is Long

The longer your grass is, the easier it is to cut. Letting your grass grow tall will help it develop healthier roots. During the summer, 3-4 inches is a good height for your grass. In the spring, your grass will need to be cut less frequently. Many homeowners don’t cut their grass at all in the fall and winter, because it often dies during colder months.  

Mow On Dry Days

The best time to mow your lawn is when the grass and soil are dry. If you mow while the ground is wet, the lawnmower will smear the soil and create uneven spots on your lawn. The lawnmower will not get proper traction to cut grass cleanly, and the wet grass clippings will clump and clog your lawnmower blades. 

Get The Right Grass Height For Your Lawn 

It is helpful to have a mowing schedule. A good rule is to cut your grass by one-third every time you mow to cultivate a healthy, luscious lawn. Grass in sunny spots will grow faster and can be cut shorter, while the grass in shady areas will need to be kept a little longer to allow more surface area to absorb sunlight. Remember to also adjust your cutting to suit the seasons and weather. 

Have Fun With Your Lawn Design

You can opt for a classic stripe patterned lawn design or follow other patterns. Don’t be afraid to be creative and mix in different heights and create stripes to achieve the lawn design you like. 

Key Takeaways

Your front yard is the welcome sign to your home, and a healthy lawn is the best welcome you can give. We at EMC Lawncare are here for your every lawn care need. Whether you need grass care in Perkasie or lawn treatments in Hatfield, PA, we’ve got you covered. We aim to provide the best lawn care services to deliver consistent customer satisfaction with utmost care. That means grass fertilization, topsoil management, weed removal, and seeds for your lawn. 

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