Landscape Lighting in Montgomery County, PA

EMC Lawncare is an experienced landscape lighting provider in Montgomery County, PA. Outdoor lighting is essential for safety, but it’s also a wonderful way to enhance the aesthetic of your outdoor areas. Garden lighting helps create warm, welcoming spaces to enjoy the outdoors. Deck lighting prevents trips and helps give your seating area the right night time glow.

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Illuminate Walkways, Patios, Decks, & Other Outdoor Spaces

If you’re looking for a contractor to provide garden lighting design in Montgomery County, PA, EMC Lawncare is on hand. Our company has expertise in deck lighting, patio lighting, and even security lighting. We know how important the look and feel of your garden is. A great landscape lighting solution can add to your curb appeal, but it also makes your home even more welcoming to come back to, every day.

Outdoor Lighting Provides Added Security & Safety

One of the primary reasons Montgomery County, PA, residents come to EMC Lawncare for outdoor lighting services is to improve the safety of their outdoor areas. No matter how flat and safe your garden seems, it’s easy to trip, slip, or fall if you’re outside in the dark.

The right landscape lighting makes your garden or deck safer for your whole family. You can enjoy your outdoor areas at any time of the year.

Of course, while lighting makes your garden more welcoming, it’s a major deterrent to unwanted guests. The installation of a security light that turns on or gets brighter when it senses motion indicates to potential burglars that you have other security systems in place.

Talk to EMC Lawncare about the best outdoor lighting design and installation options to make your home feel safer and more secure. We can also help with any landscape lighting in Hatfield, PA, and surrounding neighborhoods.

Popular Landscape Lighting Options

There are so many landscape lighting design options you can choose to give your garden or yard the right ambiance in Montgomery County, PA.

Your outdoor lighting solutions might include energy-efficient solutions, such as solar-powered lights. These may range from tiny fairy lights to lamps on stands that you can place along a walkway or deck. Installation is usually simple but for expansive yards or gardens, you may need an expert.

Hanging outdoor lighting solutions also usually require professionals to ensure installation is completed correctly and safely. This is particularly true for security lighting which must be hard-wired and responsive to motion.

Landscape lighting can also include embedded lights. These are often mounted into walls, fences, or even the ground to give them an integrated feel. This type of outdoor lighting may also be angled to provide lighting across specific areas of the garden. EMC Lawncare can assess the overall design of your garden, including slopes or hills, and help you decide on the best-looking landscape lighting for your Montgomery County, PA home.

We also provide installation of outdoor lighting in Bucks County, PA, and right across the surrounding areas. Contact us with your questions or for advice about any aspect of garden design, light installation, and maintenance.

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