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To make your lawn into the thick, lush carpet of green that you dream of, the best way is to hire a professional lawn care expert. There are many benefits and important reasons as to why you should hire for seeding in Bucks County.

Professionals Test the Soil

Soil is made up of nutrients, organic matter and a preponderance of clay or sand. Its pH can be neutral or leaning towards either acid or alkaline. Before reseeding a lawn, a professional will test your soil to determine how much each of these components are present in your soil. This will enable the professional to add amendments to create an optimal soil for reseeding your lawn.

The components of your soil are integral to growing and maintaining a thick, lush lawn. Pros know what amendments to add to your soil and what percentage of nutrients will create the best lawn.

Professionals Plant the Right Variety of Grass for Your Yard

Certain varieties of grass grow best in areas with hot summers and mild winters. Other varieties grow best in areas with average summers and inclement winter weather, where the ground freezes for months. Other varieties put out their best growth in climates that straddle the line between these extremes.

There are varieties of grass seed that handle drought or an abundance of moisture. Some varieties will thrive in shade while others struggle and will grow only in full sun. Grasses have even been developed to handle high traffic, like those used on ball fields or golf courses.

Your lawn care professional will know which varieties grow best in your area and will have access to the best seeds your money can buy.

Professionals Prepare the Lawn for Reseeding

A lawn care professional knows how to prepare your existing lawn for reseeding, with an eye to coaxing the best growth the seeds are capable of. Some ways professionals accomplish this is to scalp your lawn, which means mowing it so close to the ground that you can see the base of each individual grass plant.

Other preparations include using a machine that removes a plug of grass and soil several inches deep. The resulting holes are receptive to soil improvements and new seeds. The plugs themselves are left on the lawn where they break down and add nourishment to the soil.

Pros utilize these methods to get the best results when reseeding.

Professionals Develop the Best Schedule for Mowing and Watering Your New Lawn

Once your lawn has been reseeded, it needs to be cared for in a way that encourages the new grass to grow strong, thick and lush. A professional understands the requirements for new growth to take off and give you the results you expect when reseeding your lawn.

Professionals will adhere to a lawn mowing schedule that is much more frequent than most homeowners use. They may mow it more frequently than once a week for the first few weeks. Also, the professionals will work with you to help you keep your newly seeded lawn sufficiently watered during its first few weeks of life.

Your lawn care professional will ensure that reseeded lawns grow and thrive.

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