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Do you have a thin lawn, bare spots, or a new lawn? Chances are spreading grass seed will solve the problem and bring your lawn back to life. As a homeowner, you might think you can toss or plant a few grass seeds and the lawn will rejuvenate on its own but the truth is every lawn is different and it depends on the conditions and environment. Professional lawn service in Bucks County will know exactly what to do for your specific lawn. Here are a few reasons why you should hire a professional to reseed your lawn.

1. Saves You Money

Many homeowners try to handle their lawn on their own and purchase grass seeds and other products to reseed their lawn which adds up to be quite expensive. Most of the time, seeds do not take because the conditions are not ideal for the seeds to flourish. This causes homeowners to purchase more seeds and repeat the process creating more cost. A professional can help save you money and time by treating the lawn right the first time.

2. Fixes Problems You Don’t Know About

A professional can pinpoint the cause of a thinning lawn and the reason dry spots are developing. There are a variety of reasons that cause a thinning lawn such as heavy foot traffic, disease, drought, insect infestation, weeds, and chemical burn. When you hire a professional they address the issue and provide a solution to fixing the problem long term.

3. Saves You Time

Reseeding a lawn involves removing weeds, cutting the grass shorter than usual or removing damaged grass, selecting the right grass seed that is ideal for the conditions, prepping the soil, spreading the grass seed, fertilizing, and knowing exactly how much to water your lawn. If you do this process on your own it can take a lot of time out of your busy schedule, but it takes a team of professionals a minimal amount of time to get the job done.

Every homeowner wants a healthy lawn that looks great! Curb appeal is highly important in neighborhoods throughout the United States. A healthy lawn is so important that it even drives up real estate prices and makes your home easier to sell. Another popular reason homeowners want a healthy lawn is so their children and dogs have a safe environment to play outdoors.

EMC lawn care services in Doylestown, PA, are here to help you reseed your lawn! Contact us today to get started!