Professional Lawn Services That Are Worth The Money

Getting your lawn professionally cared for and treated can help it thrive. Which treatments are worth the money? How can you create a stunning lawn with lush color and lasting results? And which are worth investing in?  Learn how you can get the most value and help your lawn grow.

1. Professional Mowing

A regularly mowed lawn not only looks stunning and can add a cohesive finish to your home. It also ensures the grass and weeds are well maintained. If your lawn isn’t mowed, it’s hard to see past it. In some communities, homeowners are required to keep their lawn a specific length. Having regularly scheduled mowing offers peace of mind and a fresh lawn all season long.

2. Weed Care

Removing weeds and invasive plants is crucial to letting your lawn thrive. While some lawn weeds like dandelions are obvious other invasive weeds may go unnoticed. They can spread quickly and take over your lawn. Invasive weeds take the nutrients out of the ground that helps your grass thrive. General weed care from a professional can stop issues at the source before they get out of hand.

3. Watering

Especially in the hot summer months, lawns can turn yellow or brown due to heat and dehydration. Regular watering can help your lawn stay beautiful and grow lush even in a heat wave. Most homeowners can guess what their lawn needs and how much water, but it’s best to consult with an expert and even have them set up a watering system for you.

4. Fertilizing

Professional lawn fertilization uses carefully balanced fertilizers that are ideally suited to your lawn to help it grow its best. Regular fertilization based on your lawn’s needs will keep it lush and nourished.

5. Overseeding

Adding more seeds overtop of existing grass can help a thin or sparse lawn grow thicker and healthier. If you see empty patches or a lack of consistency in your lawn, overseeding might help.

6. Aeration

Loosening the soil underneath your lawn can help the roots absorb more air and nutrients, and grow healthier. Compacted earth can stunt the growth of a healthy lawn. Aeration restores the looseness of the soil. Our professionals can come out and aerate your lawn for leading growth results.

7. Pest Control

Ants will ruin your lawn by making mounds and potentially leading to them entering your home. Professionals can help you get rid of them by targeting the anthills individually with pesticides or applying a treatment to the entire lawn.

Beetles lay the larvae in the soil beneath your lawn, and they like to feed on the roots of the grass. A beetle larvae problem can wreak havoc with your lawn and cause problems that are hard to diagnose, but with targeted pesticides and pre-emptive treatments, professionals can help you get control back.

Get Help With Your Lawn Care

If you want professional lawn treatments that are worth the money, reach out to our professionals for help with lawn care in Bucks County or lawn treatments in Souderton. Your lawn will thank you for it.