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Now that spring is here, people all over America are getting their lawns in shape after the harsh winter.  With so many people working hard to get the perfect lawn, EMC Lawncare thought this would be the perfect opportunity to tell you that April is National Lawn Care Month and give you some tips to ensure your lawn grows back strong and healthy.  Here are a few things you can do to pamper your grass this month:

Deal with Your Spotty Lawn

Over the course of fall and winter, your lawn has been under a lot of stress.  Any fallen leaves that are still hanging around have likely starved your grass of the oxygen and sunlight it needs to thrive.  When you rake those leaves away in the spring, you might see a dead spot underneath.  In addition, cold weather, snow, ice, and foot traffic may have killed off patches of grass, leaving muddy holes that won’t go away on their own.  Although fall is actually the best time to lay down grass seed, you can still give those dead patches a chance to grow in by seeding them now.

Apply Weed Killers

The early spring is the time when many invasive weeds flower and go to seed.  If you don’t deal with them now, they’ll spread their seeds far and wide across your lawn, meaning you’ll have even more weeds next season.  The good news is that you can eliminate them now with the application of weed killers designed to target specific weeds like dandelions and crab grass.  With those pesky weeds gone, your grass will be free to soak up all the available sunlight and nutrients, ensuring it grows in thick and lustrous.


While you’re dealing with the weeds, it’s also a good time to apply some fertilizer.  All plants need nitrogen to stay strong and there are a number of commercial fertilizers available to help you feed them.  Regular application of fertilizer will improve the color and texture of your grass; in addition, it will help it develop a strong root system that will enable it to bring in more water and
nutrients for years to come.


We know it can be a chore, but keeping your lawn neatly trimmed is a great way to keep it looking perfect in the warmer months.  Depending on how much water and sunlight your lawn gets, you may need to mow it two or more times per week.  Don’t put it off or you’ll end up with a shaggy lawn that’s gone to seed.

We know lawn care isn’t your favorite task but it’s crucial if you want your grass to look beautiful for those backyard barbecues and get-togethers.  Fortunately, EMC Lawncare can help if you’re not feeling the spirit of National Lawn Care Month.  We provide all the services listed above and more, so give us a call at (267) 718-5952 to find out everything we can do for your lawn, whether it’s National Lawn Care Month or any other time of the year!

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