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Having a beautiful lawn can add a lot of aesthetic value to a home. If you dream of looking out your window and seeing a lovely lush lawn you need to maintain it properly. The following guide provides five tips on things you can do to ensure your lawn looks great during the hot summer months.

Keep Your Mower Well Maintained

A great mower is essential to proper lawn maintenance. If the blades on your mower aren’t sharp, they won’t be able to cut the grass smoothly when you mow. Dull blades can damage the lawn by pulling up the blades of grass from the ground, causing damage to their root systems. The blades on most mowers aren’t difficult to remove so they can easily be replaced or sharpened when needed.

Do Not Water Your Lawn Daily

It’s common for people to overwater their lawn accidentally. They assume that when it’s hot outside they need to water the grass on a daily basis, but this can actually cause more damage than good. Grass typically only needs an inch or two of water a week. Watering the lawn for extended periods of time twice a week will benefit the grass because the roots will grow deeper into the ground to get the water they need. Shallow root systems allow grass to easily be pulled up when people wall and play on it. It’s best to try to create the deepest root systems possible. Take into consideration the amount of rain that falls each week before watering, as well. Using a rain gauge to measure rainfall can make it easier to know how much water your lawn truly needs. If the gauge shows that an inch of rain fell, there is no need to water the lawn that week.

Give Your Lawn the Nutrients it Needs

Many people make the mistake of thinking that grass grows on its own. While it will grow for the most part, it may not grow to be lush and healthy. Sprinkling fertilizer on your lawn during the late spring can help to provide the nutrients needed to help the plants grow to be healthy and strong. If applying water soluble fertilizer, it should be applied in the evening. If it is applied in the morning, the hot summer sun can cause the grass to scorch.

Keep Weeds at Bay

Weeds will grow anywhere that they can. Applying weed blocking agents onto your lawn can make maintaining the growth of weeds easier. There are now weeding products on the market that are safe to use around pets and children making them safe for any family to use.

Fill Bare Spots Properly

Bare spots in a lawn can take away from the general aesthetic you are trying to create. There are seeding products available to make seeding small patches of grass easier. It’s important to avoid mowing those areas until the root system of the new plants can become established and strong.
If you have issues with your lawn that you don’t know how to address or simply don’t have time to address, consider hiring a company that offers lawn service in Bucks County. Hiring professionals to handle your lawn care in Montgomery County, PA, ensures that the proper measures are taken to create a wonderful lawn for you and your family to enjoy. Contact EMC Lawncare to get help with your lawn today!