4 Tips On Fall Lawn Care

We all love a healthy and lush lawn. With fall and winter fast approaching it is now more important than ever to figure out how to best care for your lawn during this season change. There are tons of things you can do to get a better lawn during the fall, but these three tips are fantastic for treating a spotty lawn in Souderton and anywhere else.

Feed & Treat Your Lawn

The first and most important thing you can do for your lawn this fall is to find lawn treatments in Lansdale that might work for you. Lawn treatments that are put on the lawn during the fall months are going to be able to sink into the soil and work with the roots to create a stronger and healthier lawn overall. Two separate feedings during the fall will set you up for a more beautiful spring! You can also work on killing weeds like clover and dandelion. 

Mow Your Lawn Shorter 

Mowing your lawn 1-2 inches shorter in chillier weather helps to protect against lawn diseases and snow mold. On the final mow of the season, cut it as short as you can to prepare for the cold winter days.  

Reseed or Repair Bare Areas

Another thing you can do during the fall is to repair or reseed the bare spots in the yard. This is going to give the seed time to really take root, to grow stronger, and to fill in the bare spots. By seeding during the fall you are giving the seed time to focus on the roots rather than the blades of grass which means that you are going to get lush grass that is thicker and stronger overall.

Aerating & Dethatching

As fall approaches, it’s good to aerate the soil that has become compacted during the summer months as well as removing the thatch that is under the grass. Thatch is grass that has been cut or died and that has gone down into the bottom of the grass shaft. This thatch can smother or limit the air to the roots of the grass and can cause bare spots, sparse grass, and can make your grass look less than appealing.

Dethatching allows your grass to get more air. With the help of dethatching, your grass has a fighting chance to grow back stronger when warm weather comes back. Aerating the soil also gives the grass a better chance at being stronger and allows the roots to grow and to flourish.

Contact Lawn Care Professionals

Taking care of your lawn during the fall is going to allow your lawn a chance to be stronger and healthier when the warm weather returns. Professional lawn care services can help! Contact EMC Lawncare today for more information.